WiFi Solutions

Cloud9ine Communications provide a wide range of intelligent WiFi Solutions for your business or domestic need.


We can manage your Wi-Fi, CCTV, phone systems and other facilities all from one place

WiFi Solutions

Cloud 9ine Communications provide a wide range of intelligent WiFi Solutions for your business or domestic need.

Over the past couple of years, the average number of wireless devices on a business network has increased massively. Companies rely on Wifi Connectivity for a number of business critical devices such as Smartphones, Laptops and Tablet PC’s.

A ‘business hub’ in the corner of your office just doesn’t cut it nowadays. Users need faster, stronger and more secure wireless connectivity.

Cloud 9ine Commuications can provide concrete support with the design and set up of a wireless network.

How does it Work?

It all starts with offering an easy to use, secure and fully branded Wi-Fi login experience for your guests. They login via their Social Media or Email account giving you to the opportunity to automatically collect contact details as well as various demographic details of your guests.

Stay in touch after their visit

Set up automated email messages to stay in touch with your guests after their visit. Send birthday messages, special offers and use TripAdvisor review express ™ or if you are a hotel, encourage a direct booking for their next visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it benefit my business?

When it comes to the way people use the Internet, people are divided. But, the fact of the matter is, your customers and your staff have come to expect 24/7 access without compromise. What if there was a public Wi-Fi solution that didn’t cost your business the earth, was managed remotely by an external partner (including supporting your end users 24/7) and allowed you to create a new marketing channel with excellent demographic information for sending promotions and campaigns? We have Public Wi-Fi Networks running in hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and sports clubs to name a few. Not to mention off-shore Wi-Fi solutions for companies offering remote employees access back home.

Will it suit my business?

The massive upsurge in the use of smart mobile devices (currently there are over 2 billion smartphones worldwide) and the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) culture has resulted in a corresponding increase in the demand for connectivity. Wi-Fi Networks are now required to provide safe and fast connectivity to a growing number of diverse devices.

Add to this, the huge growth in Internet usage with social media and other web-based applications. Employees require more than just email access and expect high speed connectivity to be present always and on any device.

Gone are the days of providing a few wireless hot spots in the office, WLAN now needs to manage thousands of users, using a variety of devices, and deliver enterprise grade Internet connectivity to a multitude of business sites. The magnitude of Wi-Fi management is enough to tie up valuable in-house IT personnel daily. Outsourcing to a managed WLAN service provider removes the burden of the day-to-day WLAN operations and frees up the core IT team to concentrate on other business critical issues.

Whether you have a small office or a large enterprise spread over multiple locations, connectivity is critical for running a competitive business. A well-managed wireless ecosystem allows employees the freedom to move away from their desktops and to be flexible with their work environment; this, in turn, creates and fosters a more productive work culture.

Do i have a legal requirement?

The European Directive (2006/24/EC) has been implemented in the UK under the Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009 and the January 2004 Code of Practise (for voluntary retention of communications data) implemented under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. Under the above directive, certain types of data are required to be retained necessary to identify the users accessing the Internet. The type of data to be retained is traffic data and location data, enabling us to trace the source of a communication. Cloud9ine stores this data for our customers in line with the requirements of the regulation.

Why Use Cloud9ine WiFi?

  • Newer Tech, Lower Cost
    The cost of using a VOIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone.
  • Quick Setup & Portable
    A simple and swift setup means reliable communications for your business.
  • Multi Functional Features
    Make phone calls, conduct video conferences and stay in touch with clients wherever you are, even abroad.