Cloud Security Systems

With Cloud, there are also no DVRs or NVRs to manage, nor is there any software or equipment to update. All of these vital responsibilities are handled by us.


We can manage your Wi-Fi, CCTV, phone systems and other facilities all from one place

With Cloud Security, let us do the hard work

24/7 Video Access

View live or historic video from your PC, mobile device, and tablet. Customize alerts based on motion.Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your videos are stored locally and in the cloud—
even if your location is equipped with multiple cameras with weak data connections.

Manage Multiple Locations Seamlessly

See all of your cash registers, customer areas, entrances, etc. on one screen from anywhere in the world.You can use Cloud9ine unique technology to set up
a live feed or even access to recordings for anyone and everyone visiting your site in less than a minute.
Our data centers handle the added traffic.

Reliable & Redundant Cloud Storage

Configure, maintain, or support. Video stored in the cloud and on-site.

With Cloud, there are also no DVRs or NVRs to manage, nor is there any software or equipment to update. All of these vital responsibilities are handled by us, allowing you to enjoy the most up-to-date technology and focus on what you do best: your job. What’s more, the system is completely scalable, meaning you pay only for what you use, further reducing your capital costs.

Experience Enhanced Security

As all of your data is held securely off-site at dedicated data centres with our CCTV cloud storage solutions; there is no risk of anybody trying to destroy the evidence after committing a crime on your property.

Cloud Security also comes with advanced video analytics, which notify you with instant alerts as soon as there is anything suspicious on your property. This allows security to concentrate on their job, rather than just monitoring CCTV footage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it benefit my business?

Cloud9ine Security lets you quickly equip any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting them all to a system
that offers access from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re setting up a few cameras in a small store
or several thousand in a major retail chain, Cloud9ine has your needs covered.

Will it suit my business?

Cloud9ine makes sure you are aware of anything suspicious happening, saving time spent scrolling through recordings. Support for motion and sound detection and external sensors.

No matter what kind of business you run or how big or small it is, Cloud9ine offers you access management distinguished by its flexibility. Hook up as many users as you like, all while avoiding
network congestion. Let us worry about the details.

What equipment is Cloud9ine compatible with?

Cloud9ine cloud service can be connected to virtually any camera or video recorder (NVR/DVR).

Why Switch to Cloud9ine?

  • Newer Tech, Lower Cost
    The cost of using a VOIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone.
  • Quick Setup & Portable
    A simple and swift setup means reliable communications for your business.
  • Multi Functional Features
    Make phone calls, conduct video conferences and stay in touch with clients wherever you are, even abroad.